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Dr. Vinay Ural

Hi Friends,
Iam happy to inform that we started treating this new type of treatment for Breast Cancer from March 2022 and also completed a minimum of six months follow up.
We have treated about 12 patients with One Week of High Dose Radiation–Hypofractionation only as against routine 5 weeks of Radiation Treatment.This treatment time reduction to one week from 5 weeks has become a boon to our breast cancer patients.
This was possible due to the cooperation of all my Colleagues ,Hospital Management,Physics and Radiation Technology Team.(This type of treatment is done in few centres of our Country.)
Dr Vinay Ural and team

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Dr. Vinay has been treating cancer patients for a long time. But unlike other long-standing practices, Dr. Vinayhas focused intensively on the latest technological advancements in the field and the latest research (an easy task since it’s been Dr. Vinay’s life’s work).

Dr. Vinay Ural

MBBS, Diploma in Radio Therapy, DNB – RadiotherapyRadiation Oncologist

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